March 2023: Earth’s 2nd-warmest March on Record

As the 2023 spring season goes into full swing, you may be noticing the warmer than average weather we are having this year. In fact, 

March 2023 was Earth’s second-warmest March since global record-keeping began in 1850."

The only March that was warmer was from recent years, specifically in 2016 near the conclusion of the El Niño event. New research allows us to compare global temperature records back to 1850, showing how March 2023's report is one of the hottest since then.

With the arrival of El Niño looming, we must take into account an even higher record of global warmth for this year and the next. All of Earth's regions are experiencing record-breaking March temperatures. Specifically,

Asia had its second-warmest March; South America and Africa had their fourth-warmest March; Europe had its tenth-warmest March; Oceania had its 17th-warmest March; and North America had a warmer-than-average March that did not rank among the 20 warmest on record."

As we celebrate Earth Day, we must keep in mind the impending effects from climate change and put in our best efforts to fight global warming.

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