How to predict and manage California's fire risk in a changing clima

How to predict and manage California's fire risk in a changing climate

This year, wildfires in California have burned a record 4.2 million acres, damaged or destroyed over 10,000 structures and killed 35 people — and the season hasn’t even concluded. The situation has become increasingly dire, with six of the top 20 wildfires in state history taking place this year, including the largest wildfire on record. California’s top wildfire and climate researchers are responding to this incredible challenge, but they are also realizing there is a need to take a more collaborative, holistic and proactive approach to their work.

The UCLA Government and Community Relations team organized the webinar "How to Predict and Manage California's Fire Risk in a Changing Climate" which brought together experts from numerous scientific disciplines at University of California institutions, along with researchers from neighboring universities. The experts make up an informal statewide climate and wildfire collaborative formed this year to identify what could be accomplished when working together and leveraging efforts.

Center Co-Director Dr. Michele Barbato was an invited panelist for this webinar that occurred on December 4th, 2020. Watch the full webinar below and reach out to Dr. Barbato with your follow up questions! 

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