UC Davis Climate Adaptation Collaboration Symposium

Event Date

Alumni Center

Climate Adaptation Collaboration Symposium

The newly formed Climate Adaptation Research Center is bringing UC Davis entities together to develop opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration opportunities.

The Center will highlight current research underway and present areas of expertise that members can offer support and leadership in while inviting participants to share new ideas for adaptation projects and research. Additionally, members of the campus leadership and representative of other research units will be invited to share their perspective and highlight climate adaptation collaboration opportunities.

The center has developed several topics for working groups formed at the symposium to discuss. These working groups will share adaptation problems in need of solutions and pose further questions for the Climate Adaptation Research Center to find answers to in partnership with other departments on campus. These working groups will continue to provide feedback to the CARC on groups to collaborate with and further develop research ideas. 

As a newly formed center on campus, the CARC's goal is to work jointly with other centers and add adaptation elements to existing activities in a supportive manner. As the working groups and new projects develop, the center will announce updates and collaboration opportunities to all its partners. If you are interested in collaborating on a project or research with the CARC, please connect with one of the center's co-directors, Michele Barbato, Erwan Monier, Katie Conlon, Eric Chu, Grey Monier, or outreach manager, Sandra Hall.